Boat rockerz 205 pro neckband review and specification

Hello friends in this blog we are talking about Boat rockerz 205 neckband if you are looking for neckband or a earphone so this neckband is worth for you or not discuss in this blog later so not wasting your extra time i tell you specification of boat rockerz 205 neckband.

Boat rockers 205 pro neckband Unboxing and review

In this neckband box we hace receive

1. Boat rockerz 205 pro neckband

2. 1 C type data cable length something 1 feet

3. warrenty card

4. booklet’s 

5. Boat brand logo sticker’s 

Now we are talking some feature of this neckband in short :- 

  • Bluetooth version :- 5.2
  • maximum device connect same time :- 2
  • Beast mode for gaming 
  • 10mm driver’s 
  • Magnetic earbuds No auto on-off by earbuds magnet
  • IPX5 Splash & Sweat shield
  • Single press voice assistance
  • ENx Tech :- Be heard Crystal clear Microphone

so now we are talking about boat rockerz 205 pro neckbands full specification and review so when you saw this neckband you saw the right side of this neckband 4 button (Power on off, volume Up-down, and beast mode) .

Control’s of boat rockerz 205 pro neckband:- 

  • When you press long power button so neckband got power on or off . After power on when you press power button google assistance will be on  so this is the function of power button. 
  • Now i am talking about boat rockerz 205 pro neckband volume Up and Down button by once clicking this button you can change volume up and down so when you press volume up button long time so next song start and when you press volume down button long time so previous song will be play.
  • Beast Mode :- This is special feature given in this neckband for gamer’s by help of this feature you saw letency low. by once prassing this button you go into beast mode.

        So i tell you upper Boat rockerz 205 pro neckband full controls.

Boat rockerz 205 pro neckband sound quality :- 

  • When you wear this boat rockerz 205 pro neckband and play song in this neckband so you receve this type sound quality ;- 
    • Bass :- Medium you don’t recieve extra bass 
    • trible :- trible is littile high
    • vockels :- Vockels are also high 
    • Overall i say sound quality of this neckband is good not decent or perfect if you are extra bass lover so you hove not feel good after buy this neckband. so if you are bass lover so i suggest you go for any other headphone’s.
    • Beast mode are also good feature for this boat rockerz 205 pro neckband this is work decent.
  • Battery backup :- In this boat rockerz 205 pro neckband you saw 30 hour battery backup and when you charge this neckband you recieve 12 hour battery this is decent in this price range (999-1199). 
  • Overall i saw you you are a bass lover or want to buy Boat rockerz 205 pro neckband for music listening so this is not good for you but you are finding this neckband for gaming so this is be a good option for you in this price segment. so i hope you are understand everything about boat rockerz 205 pro neckband. so if you have any question or suggestion about this neckband you can message me on instagram or more information you watch video link is given upper .

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